Sketch Book Cover

Drew this Jake Parker inspired mech on my sketch book today. Love Jake Parker's work! So fun to look at.

Who's who!! In the world of Z.O.B.

Z.O.B. Zombies Of Berwyn!! 6 piece button set that comes in a tiny tin coffin.
Each button is 1.5 inches round, vibrant color and awesome to ad to your collection.

Purchase your set here!

Sunnyside Mall Art and Music Street Fair!!

Sunnyside Mall Art and Music Street Fair was a blast!!
I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for this but 
I'm glad I did. This was the 3rd annual Sunnyside Fair but my 1st time attending 
and I have to say it was a wonderful time. The weather was great, the art and music 
was phenomenal, the food was on point and the people, The People!! They're what made 
this day AWESOME!! The turnout was excellent. It was my pleasure to have been 
part of this experience, Thank You to all who purchased my art! 
I will see you again SunnySide. 

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Going Traditional with MALEFICENT

I did a small sketch of Maleficent that I thought would be cool 
blown up and fully rendered with inks and Copic Marker.

After the sketch I snapped a pic using my phone and brought it into Photoshop
to size it up then printed it out to transfer to a bigger sheet of paper.

Done all drawn out.

I used liquid masking to cover up figures and shapes 
cause i'm about to throw down with some air brushing.

I bought this Copic airbrush kit at this years C2E2. 
This will be my first time using it out the box.

Air brush was ok once I got the hang of it but of course once I did 
the air can ran out. But that's ok! I can work the rest of the way without it. 

Peeled off the liquid masking and now I ready to throw down some ink lines.

Well this is as far a I got through the night, it's 4 a.m.
Good Night!

Come back soon to check it out!

Mighty Con Dupage!!

Well MCD is over and it was pretty awesome. The layout was great, the talent was amazing and the patrons were a lot of fun to talk to. I did wish that there was more of a footprint patron wise but all in all fun times and I would most def do it again. Special thanks all those who bought my work and super special thanks to those that asked me to draw something for them. Here's just a few pics of the con and the peeps.

My table GOMEZ brand is point!

My lil one AKA Cyanablue sharing a table with her pop.

Product looking good! 
I wish I would have thought of something to prop the 
posters up next to my time!

Commission Piece, The Black Flash!! Really cool 
character that I never heard of but awesome to draw.

The owner of the piece above, this guy looked like Paul Walker 
from the Fast and Furious movies, Sorry brutha your name escapes me. 
Him and his buddy who's name also escapes me, a couple of gents who 
know their comics inside out, thanks guys the commissions were fun.

A variant cover I was commissioned to do. I've never done one of these 
before I've seen them around but never understood why the illustration 
doesn't match the interior. The comic is Spider-Man so the idea is to 
pick another character to mash him up with. This guy wanted a She-Hulk, 
Spider-Man mash up. He gave me about ten title themed blank cover comics, 
i.e. Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man to choose from. I choose Spider-Man.

Cosplayers so many cool cosplayers roaming around 
I was only able to get these two dudes,
Great job!

If anyone is interested in a print let me know! The 
Wolverine Black Hawks was a huge seller I only have a few left.

Contact me if you're interested:
(prices will not be the same as seen in pics)

Wolverine and Ultra Man 24x36 Posters!!

They looks so good!! these images really do not do the posters justice.

I've gave Ultra Man a different treatment for the poster. More grey-ish with nice splashes of red and hints of blue. Looks so good! they're Ultra Dope!

The Process & For the love of Wolverine

Here's the process, it's all digital, photoshop an hour here, an hour there during lunch.
This is set up to be a print and a poster.

For the love of Wolverine: I always had comics growing up some
Spiderman, Batman, Superman I definitely was a nerd for superheroes going back to The funky Marvel cartoons, Super Friends, Adam West and Christopher Reeve. But I don't think I really fell in love with comics until I saw Classic X-Men #1 in the magazine section of our local Jewel grocery store. The cover had my eyeballs on lock down, it was unlike anything I had ever seen before, It's the first time I really took note of an artist in comic. This comic became my child, my bible, I took this thing everywhere along with my pencils, markers and paper. I would try to recreate the cover particularly the Wolverine. His pose was so dynamic to me I would study every stroke of every line, I was "SNIKT" I still own this comic, and for only One dollar this comic literally changed my life.

All that said, with this image I drew and painted (digitally) I wanted to add my own awesome iconic, classic Wolverine to the mix of images that fueled my fire for the art of comics that's what the other covers and artist below did for me. 
If a kid ever asks you to buy him or her a comic, BUY IT!
Thanks for taking the time, GOMEZ.

My Next Con Will Be @!...

This will be my first time here and looking forward to it!
Hope to see you there.