Wolverine and Ultra Man 24x36 Posters!!

They looks so good!! these images really do not do the posters justice.

I've gave Ultra Man a different treatment for the poster. More grey-ish with nice splashes of red and hints of blue. Looks so good! they're Ultra Dope!

The Process & For the love of Wolverine

Here's the process, it's all digital, photoshop an hour here, an hour there during lunch.
This is set up to be a print and a poster.

For the love of Wolverine: I always had comics growing up some
Spiderman, Batman, Superman I definitely was a nerd for superheroes going back to The funky Marvel cartoons, Super Friends, Adam West and Christopher Reeve. But I don't think I really fell in love with comics until I saw Classic X-Men #1 in the magazine section of our local Jewel grocery store. The cover had my eyeballs on lock down, it was unlike anything I had ever seen before, It's the first time I really took note of an artist in comic. This comic became my child, my bible, I took this thing everywhere along with my pencils, markers and paper. I would try to recreate the cover particularly the Wolverine. His pose was so dynamic to me I would study every stroke of every line, I was "SNIKT" I still own this comic, and for only One dollar this comic literally changed my life.

All that said, with this image I drew and painted (digitally) I wanted to add my own awesome iconic, classic Wolverine to the mix of images that fueled my fire for the art of comics that's what the other covers and artist below did for me. 
If a kid ever asks you to buy him or her a comic, BUY IT!
Thanks for taking the time, GOMEZ.

My Next Con Will Be @!...

This will be my first time here and looking forward to it!
Hope to see you there.

Wolvie: Update

Here's Wovie so far. Far from done but now that I have the flats and playing with some lighting the main focus on the images was to figure out my overall approach with background color and treatment. I really like the simplicity in these but for my print I don't think any of these are going to work for what I envision. But! I will be using these for something else, perhaps when I put a sketchbook together. Anyhoot, check back later for updates. I need to get this one done really soon.