It's Finally Here! - Haunting Tales of Horrorbles

 Today was a blast, I finally got a couple copies  of Haunting Tales Of Horrorbels and a poster. The line was long just the way I like it, comics were in abundance, My little one and I took a pic with the Spooktacular, Svengoolie, creators were signing coimcs like madmen and yours truly doing some signing for the pin-up I did for the book. I have to say, the stories are exactly what you would want to read in a horror comic. The art is phenomenal. The book is a great package. If you're into comics you're probably into horror, I highly recommend getting a copy which you can find at the Horrorbles store location or online @  
It was great to meet new faces and to catch up with old buds. Thanks to Rafael Nieves for the pin-up opportunity (Page 18). 

Take SCARE of yourself

Haunting Tales Of Horrorbles - Pinup

I am truly honored to have been asked to do this pin-up for the comic book, Haunting Tales Of Horrorbles, for the Horrorbles store in Berwyn. It looks, Terrorbly Great and the stories are, Horrorbly Awesome. I'm so looking forward to meeting Svengoolie and meeting up with old friends. Look for more pics to be posted soon.