Going Traditional with MALEFICENT

I did a small sketch of Maleficent that I thought would be cool 
blown up and fully rendered with inks and Copic Marker.

After the sketch I snapped a pic using my phone and brought it into Photoshop
to size it up then printed it out to transfer to a bigger sheet of paper.

Done all drawn out.

I used liquid masking to cover up figures and shapes 
cause i'm about to throw down with some air brushing.

I bought this Copic airbrush kit at this years C2E2. 
This will be my first time using it out the box.

Air brush was ok once I got the hang of it but of course once I did 
the air can ran out. But that's ok! I can work the rest of the way without it. 

Peeled off the liquid masking and now I ready to throw down some ink lines.

Well this is as far a I got through the night, it's 4 a.m.
Good Night!

Come back soon to check it out!